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Dance House Lefkosia

Open call- Τζαι μετά;

“τζ̆αι μετά?” (EN translation: And then?) is a project that was launched as part of the Lefkosia Dance House’s “More than dancing” programme last February, in order to create a safer context for women to share and creatively process conditions of violence and abuse.

The project has managed to bring together nine women to form a ground of solidarity and empowerment. This led to the creation of a performance-installation in June 2023. The project ends at the end of the year and the question “and then?” takes another form. This question now concerns the exploration of alternative ways of claiming, resisting and rebelling through the application of different caring practices.

We ask the following questions:

.  What would happen if we create a shelter as a common landscape for women, women’s feminist collectives and individuals who identify themselves as women/female?

. How can we take advantage of the ephemeral nature of performance art to create conditions of care that will last over time?

. How could we overcome the instead, against or through, and find a way to have as a common starting point the conjuction “and” to get to the temporally dislocated word “then”?

We invite women and individuals who identify themselves as women and women’s collectives to come and explore these questions together.  The results of the experiments will take the form of a 24-hour performance in the form of a performance of the “Theory of the World”.

The meetings will take place on 29/11, 13/12 & 20/12 at 18:30-21:30 and the 24-hour performance is scheduled for 22/12 from 18:30 to 23/12 at 18:30.

Language: Greek and English according to the participants’ needs.

*Participants should be present in at least two out of the three preparatory meetings. The meeting on the 20/12 is obligatory. The participants of the meetings are obliged to be physically present on the performance day as well.

Information: 96569715 & 22780960

Register by sending an email to: