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Dance House Lefkosia

And then what? women’s theatre and movement meetings at Dance House Lefkosia

Women sitting on the floor, in a circle, their faces not visible.

And then what?

Three women invite other women to share their experiences and create through a core of women’s solidarity.

“And then what?” is part of the artistic residency program More than Dancing, organised by the Dance House Lefkosia. In collaboration with the Network Against Violence Against Women, the Department of Gender Studies of the University of Cyprus and the Pancyprian Association of Single Parent Families and Friends. With the support of the Youth Initiatives Programme of the Cyprus Youth Organisation.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, in Cyprus it is estimated that 22% * of women have been victims of violence. But how many other incidents are not officially reported to be recorded in the statistics, especially in a state – where again according to the above-mentioned organization – 47% ** of the population of Cyprus declare that they do not trust the police?

“And then what?” is a project that aims to deal with this issue artistically, taking the following guiding questions as a starting point.

Are you a woman of any age and you ‘ve been a victim of violence? If so;

Do you report it? And then what?

Did you sever any relationship you had with the person? And then what?

Did you leave the house? And then what?

Did you change your job? And then what?

Did your children had to change schools? And then what?

You haven’t done any of the above? And then what?

If you now feel that you are ready to explore this “And then what?” in a creative way that can shed light on these issues from a different perspective and find other ways to make your voice heard beyond the predetermined ones, then come to the women’s theatre and movement meetings at Dance House Lefkosia.

Who are we?

We are Eleftheria, Nayia, and Elena, a group of women who want to create a safer context for every woman and every story of violence, told or untold. We are women who use our art, each in our medium, as a social tool to fight racial discrimination, social inequalities, and gender violence. Eleftheria Sokratous is a mixed-ability dance teacher and creator in the field of dance, Nayia T. Karacosta is an actress, performer, drama facilitator and Elena Sokratous is a director and drama facilitator.

Eleftheria, Nayia, and Elena


From Wednesday 8th of February, and every Wednesday at 18:00-20:00 at the Dance House Lefkosia for 7 sessions.

What is offered:

-Meetings are offered free of charge.

-Alongside our meetings at the Dance House Lefkosia premises, in the adjacent room, free creative activities will be offered to children so that any mother will have the opportunity to attend without having to worry about caring for her child.

*The meetings are part of a longer process that will last until December 2023 including discussions and other events. At the end of the meetings, a Documentary performance will be created based on the experiences shared. Of course, having obtained the consent of the participants.

Expression of interest:

Telephone Number: 22780960

Α few words for the new residency program at DH Lefkosia, More than Dancing:

More than Dancing is a new residency program organized by Dance House Lefkosia that focuses on events for non-artistic audiences through regular meetings from February to December 2023. Our aim is the inclusion of people interested in artistic engagement but have not had any interaction with dance or the Dance House yet.



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