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Dance House Lefkosia

Artists in Process: Emerging | Presentation

Event Date:

October 27, 2023

Event Time:

8:30 pm

Event Location:

Friday, 27th of October 2023, 20:30, Dancehouse Lefkosia

Presentation of the resident artists’ work Napa Gavriel and Viivi Forsman in the framework of the Artists in Process: Emerging program.
The resident artists, after a series of meetings and workshops with Christos Polymenakos, individual time for research and experimentation, they open up their artistic practice to the public.

Tickets: 6 euros/ 5 euros (students & friends of the Dancehouse Lefkosia)


I am standing in front of the mirror while talking to myself. How many times should I say: “You got this, you can do it”, to really believe I can?
An exploration of the inner battle happening within my self in moments of self-doubt; an opportunity to challenge myself out of my comfort zone. I write an idea on a piece of paper and then crumple and throw it away as if it’s not good enough, again and again. Some of the research tools include the use of the mirror, free/random writing and experimenting with movement and use of voice (self-talk).
I take a step forward, then a step back. One more step forward; the next step might bring out something wonderful…
Music by Daniella Nassar



I explore the following topics and questions through a physical research that strives from the values and language of house dance and music. Through this residency, I am exploring and building vocabulary as a dance maker while being curious about how the body is communicating, how it can be read, how the meaning is composed and what information leads to what. I am curious on how to compose through rhythm, repetition, emotional and mental states and how to alternate the sense of time:
Striving from the curiosity of the phenomenon of moving to the beat of the music.
The pulling force of this repetitive action and the need to express through it.
The never ending fall and rise of the beat.
The conversation that seems to be between self and another.
The need to belong to the communal pulse and yet the need to express in, through, with and from the beat.
The surrender to and the resistance for the beat and understanding what this phenomenon creates in an individual.
What are the limits of this metronomious frame and can they be altered?
Is there authority in this phenomenon – is the beat a limitation or a way to freedom? or does it even matter…. . .  . What    is    there    left in this space   in                                   between   the     beats?
Photo by Barlas Sahinoglu at PERA School of Performing Arts


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    • October 27, 2023 8:30 pm   -   10:30 pm
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