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Dance House Lefkosia


Event Date:

November 19, 2023

Event Time:

7:00 pm

Event Location:

Dance House Lefkosia

Dance Gate Lefkosia Presents: ‘REVISITING TOOLS / TENDING SCORES’
An art sharing event
Sunday, November 19th at Dance House Lefkosia at 7 pm.

‘REVISITING TOOLS / TENDING SCORES’ is a multifarious performance event bringing together six inter-disciplinary artists interested in reactivating the Arianna Economou’s performance scores to create their own, new artworks. The offerings are the outcome of a week-long work lab called ‘Toolbox’ guided by Dr Pavlos Kountouriotis with the goal of developing together a publication that archives and promotes the prolific work by Arianna Economou and her ongoing contribution to the art of making. The worklab (13-19 November) will revisit, refine, retune the writing process of Economou’s scores and bring new light by finding alternative futurities for new generations of artists.

The presenting artists will navigate from performance making to architecture, from theatre to fine arts, and from dance to performance art. They blend different media (music, video, poetry, installations) to challenge how the scores operate in different contexts and media, and they offer their own interpretations and creative imagination. A wonderful team by Petros Konnaris (performance maker and director of Dance House Nicosia), Vasileia Anaxagorou (fine and multimedia artists, lecturer at higher education and PhD candidate), Anthi Kettirou (choreographer and performer), George Bizios (musician and performance artist), Elisavet Panayiotou (choreographer and performer), and Charis Iacovou (architect and performance artist) who are willing to share their creative outputs whilst channeling Economou’s scores.

The performance is open to the audience, and to reserve your spot, please call: 97 77 22 64.

  • Dance House Lefkosia
  • Pathenonos 25
  • Nicosia
  • 1105

Event Schedule Details

  • November 19, 2023 7:00 pm
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