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Dance House Lefkosia

On_Bodies_Open Call

27th-29th of May 2022

Dance House Lefkosia

Application Deadline: Friday, 18th of February 2022


Dance House Lefkosia invites creators from all artistic fields working with the body and choreography, to send proposals for this year’s On_Bodies Festival 2022.

Similar to last year we continue with Bodies on Stage and Bodies in the Garden, adding a new category: Future Bodies.

The interested artists/groups can apply with a new proposal or with a piece that premiered in 2021 in one of the mentioned categories. The selected proposals will perform once during the time of the festival.

* Photographs from On_Bodies 2021: Z. Eleftheriou & N. Panagiotou (HOME. Where is Home?) | D. Hadjizacharia (Atrium) | E. Panagiotou (Yes? Is it me talking?) | D. Kallitsi (The importance of dancing like an idiot) | Photographer:  Sergio Vaccaro *


We welcome works with 15-25 minutes duration tο be presented on the main stage of the Dance House.

The selected proposals will receive technical support for the performance and 10 hours free rehearsal time.


We welcome 5-minutes works to be presented in the garden/ outside area of the Dance House without any extra technical support.

The selected proposals will receive 5 hours free rehearsal time.


This category concerns mini lectures/presentations/talks maximum 15 minutes that explore the relation of dance and future. The presentation can focus any of the following questions without being limited to them: How do you imagine dance in 2050? What needs to change within the Cypriot dance/performing arts scene the following years? Why should we keep on dancing?  How can my/your/our dance shape the future?



The selected proposals in the category Future Bodies/Bodies in the Garden will receive €100, €250 respectively.

For the participation in Bodies on Stage the artists will receive:

For solo work: €1000 (one performer on stage)

For a duet:  €1500 (two performers on stage)

For group piece: €2500 (at least three performers on stage)

Please fill in the application form and send the necessary material at with subject ON BODIES FESTIVAL 2022 – APPLICATION by Friday 18th of February 2022.



Dance House Lefkosia

Sponsored and Supported by:

Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth