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Dance House Lefkosia

OPEN CALL | Artists in Process: Alive | Application Deadline: 18th April 2022

Artists in Process : Alive
Dance House Lefkosia
Aug – Dec 2022
Application Deadline: 18th April 2022

a residency program organized and curated by Dance House Lefkosia focusing on the process of creating as a living structure, one that needs attention, care, and commitment. Dance House Lefkosia invites practitioners with an urgency to keep their work alive and energized and use the framework provided to explore, challenge and expand their research.
We welcome proposals from artists from different backgrounds, based in Cyprus, with an interest in movement and choreography.

Artists in Process : Alive is divided into three stages. Participation to all of the following is mandatory to all selected artists:
*** The selected artists will have an introductory meeting in June with the L-DH and a supplementary meeting in October for the program’s practicalities. The dates will be decided in accordance with the artists ***

27th of Aug – 3rd of Sep: Workshop with Mary Nunan 10:00-14:00
3rd of Sep: Glimpses (Open Presentation)
4th of Sep: Feedback Brunch

Workshop with Mary Nunan:
During this laboratory, the artists will focus on the process of creating a solo work: identify some of the general challenges that have to be faced at various stages of a creative process and discuss ways in which they can be skilfully negotiated. Nunan will also engage with each artist on the specific issues that their process is throwing up for them and have the opportunity to explore some methods to develop their skills. Her role in this regard will be to support each artist to clarify and distil their ideas and to respond to the form and content of their emerging work.
In the afternoons, the artists will have individual research time to work on their own

Glimpses (Open Presentation):
The artists will have a 10-20min presentation to showcase their research in the format that they prefer. There is no specific requirement for the presentation but rather the artists are encouraged to use the format and the event for their own benefit, practice and research.
The event will happen in the afternoon, with no technical support.

Feedback brunch:
The brunch will act as a closing gathering of the 1st stage with a feedback session/casual conversation with a few selected invitees.

4th- 8th of Oct: Do you Speak Dance? with Christos Polymenakos (10:00-14:00)
A masterclass on the verbal communication of creative, research and educational projects in the field of dance and the body, employing Christos Polymenakos’ body/word – Performance Writing method.
How do we translate the body and the art of dance in words, when addressing different audiences, specialized or wider, during the different stages of development of our projects?
How can dramaturgy function as bespoke multimodal function, arousing imagination and emotions with tools from various fields of scientific and artistic research?
Do you Speak Dance? is based on an original template for dramaturgical analysis, practical and theoretical tools of the method. It has been developed through theoretical and practical research in the fields of dance dramaturgy, creation since 2000. It has been presented in the Kalamata International Dance Festival and Dance House Lefkosia.

3rd-4th of Dec: Closing
This will be the final presentation of the program with an open conversation with the artists about their process. Similarly to the first presentation, the artists are encouraged to use the format and the framework provided as they see fit to their research. Additionally, to their presentation the artists will have an open conversation/interview regarding the research and their process in the Alive residency program. The format of the conversation/interview will be discussed in the meeting with the artists and the L-DH in October.

What we offer:
The artists in residence will receive a fee of 500euros, free participation to the two workshops, 45h of free use of the DH for research between June and December and one online meeting with the mentor. Please note that the participation to all of the program’s stages is mandatory.

Please send the following information at with subject ARTISTS IN PROCESS: ALIVE – APPLICATION by Monday 18th of April 2022.

Application Form:
• Name:
• Email:
• Phone number:
• CV:
• Website (optional):
• Audio visual material (optional):
• Previous works with video link (optional):
• Description/ Proposal (max 200words):
• What are you interested in working with/ exploring/researching during the residency? (max 200 words):