Reading Groups | Αναγνώσεις

Photo from On_Bodies 2021: Elisavet Panagiotou (Yes? Is it me talking?) | Photographer: Sergio Vaccaro | Photo edit: Petros Konnaris

The Reading Groups | Αναγνώσεις are initiated from a need for a more discursive exploration of concepts and actions related to art, dance, and performance.
We understand the discursive exploration as a sharing of experiences, knowledge, and perceptions, as a collective effort of questioning, as an artistic stimulus through words, a conversation, a thought, an exchange… The proposed topics will trigger an open frame that will be developed according to the attendees.
The meetings will act as a discussion workshop where all perspectives are welcomed whether they come from artists, creators, theorists, academics, observers or people with curiosity and interest in art, dance and performance.

The starting point will be a text, different each time, along with a simple creative score to initiate a structured conversation and a deepening and a wandering around each topic. We encourage the attendees to read the text before the meeting, although it is not mandatory for the participation.

The Reading Groups | Αναγνώσεις will take place once a month (Tuesday or Wednesday) from 19:00 to 21:00.
For booking and receiving the text, please contact us at

Tuesday, 10 May: On Listening
Wednesday, 8 June: On Emotion
Wednesday, 31  August: On Attention
Tuesday, 20 September: On Presence/ Absence
Wednesday, 5 October: On Language
Tuesday, 22 November: On Touching