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Dance House Lefkosia

Slow City – Workshop by Antonín Brinda

Slow City – workshop by Antonín Brinda
Monday 30th of May, 10:00 – 15:00, Dancehouse Lefkosia

Photo by Maria Jancova

Workshop Slow City invites you to slow down, to explore your own body and surrounding environment at a pace unusual in our accelerated societies. Following the tradition of long-durational performance, we will experience live actions that are subtle, minimalist, require concentration over an extended period of time, and do not strive for applause. The workshop will approach long duration as both an opportunity and a challenge, searching for ways to create live art with tools such as repetition, strong focus, endurance, and exhaustion. Our playgrounds will be Dance House Lefkosia and the public space of Lefkosia city.

The workshop is open to people of all ages and bodies with or without previous experience in performance art.

Duration: 5hrs

Participation Cost: 30euros /25 for students and friends of DH

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Antonín Brinda, a Czech artist based in Europe, works in the fields of performance / urban / walking / body art. He creates minimalist, conceptual, long durational works exploring areas such as urbanism, transportation infrastructure, political geography, or international mobility. To balance the serious topics, he also likes to present other types of performances that are more personal and humorous.
He has gained his education in different fields of art and art theory (General Art Studies; Film Studies; Site-Specific Performance; Live Art and Performance Studies; Architecture and Urbanism Research) in Brno, Prague, Tallinn, Helsinki and Istanbul.
Apart from an artist, he is also an organizer/curator of various (performance) art events and festivals. Examples of past and present events include Performance Crossings (Prague, CZ), Performensk (Minsk, BY), Wärmflasche (Berlin, DE – Vernéřovice, CZ), Perform – or not (Tallinn, EE), Carbonarium (Kyiv, UA) or New Performance Turku Festival (Turku, FI). Since the beginning of 2021, he is co-running a series of monthly performance events SPA – Studio Performance Art in Prague.
Antonín would like to know, “How to make love with a city”.